The Scandal at Wilhelm’s Mausoleum


Last year I had the privilege of visiting Wilhem’s Memorial Mausoleum, the one day it’s open to the public: Memorial Day. You can read about my experience here, I have some tips to make your exploration top notch, but today we’ll delve into the most sought after site in the entire vast property.

George Rae came to the U.S. from Scotland in 1869, settling in Portland as Vice President of the Inman-Poulsen Lumber Company which was located where OMSI now stands. Many of Portland’s stately homes from the turn of the century are built with lumber from that mill, and it thrived after San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake, providing record breaking quantities of lumber for the city to rebuild. Needless to say, George Rae was once one of Oregon’s wealthiest men.

Charlotte and George married in 1875, and sadly “Lottie” as she was known to those closest to her, was eventually committed to a state insane asylum, after suffering mental breakdowns. If you’re familiar with views on mental health during this period, you know that phrase can encompass many states of emotion, often associated with what we now see as normal responses to stressful situations, but then, were simply a symptom of a troublesome, crazy female.

Lottie passed away in the asylum in January 1914, and George remarried eight months later, to his housekeeper, who was 26 years younger than the self made millionaire. Elizabeth and George married at new and fashionable Multnomah Hotel which is now an Embassy suites, and he executed a new will a month after the ceremony, disinheriting his estranged adopted daughter Maud and leaving nearly all the estate to Elizabeth.

George died in 1918, buried in a family plot in Portland Riverview Cemetary next to Lottie. Maud wasted no time contesting the will, making it all the way to the Oregon supreme court, claiming her adoptive father wasn’t of sound mind, and that Elizabeth was a prostitute. The trial was highly publicized in 1920, and finally dismissed in 1923, both parties coming to a settlement.

The wealthy widow, having only four years of marriage with her beloved George, wanted to be near him for eternity, the two left alone without scandal and heartache. So she began creation of the tomb, of marble and bronze, so beautifully European in material and craftsmanship, you’ll wonder how it’s possible you’re still in the most casual city on the west coast. Upon it’s completion she had his body exhumed and laid to rest in the marble tomb, joining him in 1942. The two sarcophagi seem to be what the room was built around, with sconces and wicker chairs in the corner, and a photo of the couple in a brass frame. At the base of a stained glass panel, she has displayed the words which perhaps embody her short but treasured time with George in mortal life:

“The End of a Perfect Day”













The elusive Wonder Woman merchandise


wonder woman junk food tee

Wonder woman opens in a little over a week, and if you’ve had trouble finding merchandise, you’re not the only one. The lack of merchandise driven hype on WBs part is almost embarrassing for them, if it weren’t so frustrating for the rest of us. It’s 2017 guys, this is arguably the biggest movie of the year, and you’re letting antiquated ideas of female superhero/action fans get in the way of making a pretty penny. We want to buy stuff. We want Wonder Woman themed eyeshadow palletes, collaborations with big brands, jewelry that won’t turn our skin green, and shoes in both heel and sneaker form. We want options at all price points, and all forms. For a huge blockbuster opening next week, it’s almost surreal that we have to search and rely on word of mouth that feels like a hidden treasure with each link shared. Have you walked into a major retailer (Target, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, etc) and been greeted with a grand display of clothing, toys, random stuff you didn’t know you needed until you saw it at that moment? Probably not.

Weird right?

Thanks to my ever reliable twitter/Instagram followers, I’ve collected some merchandise for women available right now, or ready for pre-order. They can be a little buried if you don’t know where to look, and a lot has to be ordered online, but most things will arrive in time for the movie for US residents!

Some links to explore: Fye and Wal-Mart have the largest selection of women’s t-shirts, Her Universe has a great selection of non-tee clothing, Alex and Ani have a selection of jewelry, Zulily has quite a bit at a discount, and GAP has a small but stylish collection of activewear.

  Hopefully this will help you find something! And if you have any collections not mentioned here, please send them my way, and I can add them to the post.

ww 1

luxie wonder woman brush set

ww 8

Nuyu Wonder Woman collection

ww 9

Original artwork tee by Anca Chelaru

Makeup for oily skin

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A couple years ago I spent the better part of my waking hours pouring over makeup and skincare forums looking for a concealer that wouldn’t cake, crease, or disappear on my oily skin. I’d tried the best designer brands out there, and while they were great, after an hour I’d have to smudge it from settling in the creases under my eyes and getting cakey everywhere else. Some people swore by Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer wand, and since it wouldn’t break the bank, I figured I’d give it a try.

And I’ve never used anything else since.

Maybelline approaching me to be an influencer was a happy coincidence, and I was ecstatic about trying more products, and since we’ve worked together I’ve found more products that work great on my oily skin.

The Cover Stick Concealer is great for select heavy coverage, and comes in some color correcting shades as well, like green to cover redness, and yellow for when I need extra dark circle coverage. A little goes a long way, and I find it best to blend with my fingertip, then blot a little with a sponge.

I won’t leave the house without the Superstay Better Skin Powder, not only does it not cake and crease, but it’s pretty self descriptive. It stays, and it has great coverage, not heavy, but if you’re in a hurry you could totally blot this on bare skin and have a natural, even look. Along with blotting sheets, I use this through the day, and find myself needing it less than other compact powders, it actually has staying power.

These three are my must haves for oily, blemish prone skin, out of any product out there, drugstore or designer. Give them a try, let me know what you think!