Cleansing oil

When you have acne prone skin, and you grew up before skincare was a way of life, the idea of putting oil on your oily skin sounds absolutely insane. But you’ve also tried everything, and all these people on blogs and forums seem to swear by it, so sure, why not?

Switching from a Cetaphil cleanser to a nourishing oil cleanser was like giving my skin it’s first drink of water in decades. I was immediately hooked, my skin was not only looking healthy, but feeling healthy. After about a year of using an argan oil cleanser, I concluded that while my complexion was 10X healthier than it previously was, it could still be better. After some research I found that argan oil can clog pores if you’re prone to it, and while my most severe acne was under control, I still had a small, bumpy texture over my entire face. With some more research (bless the internet) I found this type of acne is called subclinical, and can be caused by a number of things, including skincare products. These tiny flesh colored bumps are clogged pores without forming into red bumps and black/whiteheads. I always just thought that was the natural texture of my skin, but since I solved so many other issues with the right skincare products, why not this as well?

I stated searching for a cleansing oil that didn’t include argan oil, but also didn’t include a lot of chemicals, I really just wanted an oil combo to fit into a double cleanse routine. Having already tried (and sworn by) Primally Pure’s body butter and lip balm, I checked their cleansing oil, and not only does it not have argan oil or any unnecessary chemicals, but they even have formulas for dry, normal, and oily skin!

THIS was the stuff I’ve been looking for. It’s simple, nourishing, smells AMAZING and makes every morning and night feel like a mini spa day, that oil just begs to be massaged in for a minute or two. I use the oily skin formula, and never would’ve thought a castor oil base would work, but that thick oil accented with a short list of other organic oils and natural scents is perfect.

I use it as the first step in a double cleanse, using just my hands and water, and sometimes use the recommended washcloth if I need a little exfoliation. I finish with Primally Pure’s everything spray as a toner, and some plant derived squalane. That’s it! They have small sizes if you want to give it a little try, and you can use my code SOLANAH10 for 10% off your order. Enjoy!