Iris Van Herpen

One of my favorite accounts on Instagram right now is designer Iris Van Herpen, although the word designer is too basic a descriptive. Her work is this almost unreal balance of technology and organics, utilizing 3D printing to create garments that look like the future of fashion. On visiting MoPOP’s A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes exhibit I was enthralled with the exhibit overall (more on that later) but I certainly didn’t expect to come face to face with one of Iris Van Herpen’s creations, not now, not ever.

This piece is part of the “Sage” portion, each section dedicated to one of six feminine archetypes. And while I would’ve loved to have found much of myself in “heroine” or “enchantress” it was the Sage description that felt as though it was written just for me.

“Her strengths are wisdom, intelligence, and self reflection, which she uses to analyze and understand the world. Her biggest fears are being ignored or tricked by others. Her weakness is being consumed by the never-ending study of details that can lead to an inability to act.”

“At once romantic and futuristic, her (Van Herpen’s) 2016 collection Seijaku collection found inspiration in cymatics, or the practice of visualizing sound waves in geometric patterns.”

You can view the Seijaku collection here and follow Iris Van Herpen on Instagram here.