Christy Dawn

About a year ago I asked the best people on Instagram (aka everyone following me) for recommendations of dresses that were similar to styles I liked from Free People, but were made in a transparent and ethical way. Someone suggested Christy Dawn and I bookmarked the label for later. One problem I’ve had with switching from a vintage to mostly modern wardrobe is quality. With vintage it’s not difficult to find top quality garments that will last decades more, and at a price that many can afford. But it’s a bit harder with modern. For one thing most people can’t distinguish high quality from low, so many brands don’t waste time and resources on small details that will raise the price and go overlooked by the average consumer. Another thing is trusting that something ordered online will live up to the expectation.

I decided to treat myself to something over memorial day weekend because EVERYONE has a sale, so it would be a good time to try something new. I recalled Christy Dawn and checked their site, and picked out the Autumn Dress. It looked like the perfect LBD for me, something that could be casual or more formal, comfortable (it’s a wrap dress), and besides being very transparent about their LA manufacturing, they also only use deadstock fabric leftover from major design houses. Instead of creating more fabric, which can be an incredibly harsh process, they use what already exists, finding a beautiful and useful place for it in the world. Everything is small batch, and due to the fabric usage, very limited, some dresses only get a handful made in each size. So while I was initially drawn to the styles and manufacturing transparency, the deadstock fabric usage hooked me.

I received the dress in the most lovely wooden box, with dried lavender blossoms inside, so opening it felt ultra special. Upon first touch I could tell by the fabric alone it was worth the price. Lifting it out of the box the details unfolded. While one side of the textile is a matte black, the underside is a lush satin. Every seam is finished in traditional French seams, and every thread secured. Putting it on was like finally finding “the one” (do I even need any of these old dresses sitting in my closet?) and thanks to the high quality fabric and construction, the movement and drape is heavenly. One thing I especially appreciate is the ultra long waist ties. I can tie a bow/knot at the back, front, side, and even styled it so it wraps up the chest and around my neck.

Christy Dawn is now my go to for beautiful dresses worth every penny, and I highly recommend giving them a try. Peek below to see the unboxing and details ❣️❣️❣️

*I have no affiliation with the brand and all photos and opinions are my own*

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